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Consider the Following: The Sabres Will Lose Ryan Miller to Free Agency

Alright everyone, I’m about to go all Bill Nye on you and ask you to CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING (cue: echo). Let’s pause for a moment in recognition of Mr. Nye and his awesome show. Here, watch the theme:

See, wasn’t that a nice throwback? Anyway, here we are in late July talking about Bill Nye and wondering what’s going on with hockey and what in the world I’m getting at.  As I said about four sentences ago, I’d like you to CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING:

The Buffalo Sabres will lose Ryan Miller to Free Agency.

Man, that’s patriotic. More on Miller and the Olympics later in this post.

Before you go all crazy and close this article (not that I mind, I already got your precious page view anyway), stay with me. There are a few things that need to be recognized in order for it to be realized that the Sabres could very easily see Miller walk away on July 1st. Hit the click through to read on.

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A (Very Early) Look at the Amerks’ (Potential) 2013-14 Roster

I’m not exactly sure what Darcy Regier has planned for the Amerks next season. And let’s be honest here, neither do you. As much as we want to be entirely “doom and gloom” about their chances next season, it’s simply much too soon to be declaring the season an utter failure. Remember, it is currently July 10 and the Amerks’ season doesn’t begin until sometime around October 4 (their home opener). Let’s take a look and see who they’ve lost and gained since free agency began on July 5. Read More…