About TRW

So, you may find yourself asking: “Who the hell are these devilishly attractive rhetoricians that have the gall to call themselves ‘The Ruff Writers’?!”

The first member and starter of this blog is Andrew Meyer. Consider Andrew the moderator of TRW.

After starting the idea for The Ruff Writers, Andrew asked high school friend and fellow Sabres fan John J. Wild to join him. Since the start of TRW in October of 2009, TRW has taken a back seat for John. Despite his lack of posts, John was an integral part of the formation of The Ruff Writers.

Over the summer of 2010, Sabres fan Dave Sanna found out about TRW and began forwarding stories to Andrew. Eventually, Andrew offered to have Dave write for TRW and the rest is history. Dave is a devout Buffalo sports fan with a crazy passion for the Sabres. Couple his passion with a solid amount of knowledge and Dave brings quite a bit to the table.

Following the aforementioned addition of Dave, Dan Fetes decided to jump aboard TRW in winter of 2011. Dan, like Andrew, is a Journalism student at SUNY Fredonia. He has written for various media including The Fredonia Leader and the website http://www.bylinesports.com. Dan played hockey through high school including winning a state championship as a member of the Webster-Thomas Titans (Rochester). Like the rest of the members of TRW, Dan is a big Sabres fan among being knowledgeable in pretty much every sport.

In the summer of 2011, Dave reached out to Andrew and said “Hey, it’s time we go out there and land our franchise goalie. The owners have allowed us to spend to the ceiling, so spend we must!” And the staff expanded with the addition of Aaron Orbaker, a Syracuse alumni with a massive amount of love for Tyler Ennis. And Tyler Myers. And anyone named Tyler. (Just kidding.) (But only sort of.)

So browse! Come on in! Enjoy the writing! But don’t enjoy it too much because then we’ll have to take away your car keys.


One response to “About TRW”

  1. Nuthatch says :

    Oh geez Louise, you guys are all young enough to be my kids!
    Gahhh! Where’s my walker? … mumble mumble mumble…

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