I Still Believe…

As the Bee Gee’s once said, “Staying alive.”

That seems to be the motto of this new second half Sabres team. My last post on here (granted it was a while ago) talked about not firing Lindy. Think back to the first half of the season… could anything else have gone wrong? Miller goes down with a concussion and, as we’re starting to find out, maybe they take longer to come back from than we may have originally thought. Myers breaks his wrist. Erhoff goes down. Gerbe goes down. Ennis is non existent. Boyes gets hurt. Kaleta is getting suspended. Leino couldn’t get anything going and the Sabres we’re pretty much playing as the Rochester Americans.

And with all that being said, Buffalo sits six points out of the last and final playoff spot. The Sabres are 7-3-2 in their last twelve games and this is nothing new for Buffalo to start turning it on this time of year. The last few years, the Sabres have needed a late  push to get them back in the hunt and coming out of the All Star break, the Sabres are doing just what the doctor prescribed. Take a point a game. Start there and see what happens next. A week ago, Buffalo was ten points out of first and in just eight days, have already trimmed the lead by four points.

You have to see the team on the ice now as a whole new lineup. Lindy now has healthy defense jumping in the play, which is something that Ruff has always stressed for his blueliners. Myers now has a four game point streak and Erhoff is racking up assists faster than Jeremy Lin. Derek Roy has now decided to finally play hockey, getting in the mix and Kaleta is now skating close to 25 minutes a game. With the new addiction of an aggressive defense and Roy starting to skate, it has only made Jason Poiminville and Thomas Vanek even better. I always over looked Poiminville as just a average second liner but he has proven me wrong this year playing the All Star he so rightfully deserved. Say all you want about Vanek being a little girl for not hitting anyone with his 6’4″ frame but this guy is as tough as nails in front of a net. Gaustad is winning every single face-off the Sabres need him to late in games and all that combine with the one piece we’ve been missing for the four months and the Sabres are once again a threat… Ryan Miller.

So guys, should we still trade Miller? Right? Enroth has proven he’s ready. ..ready to be a middle of the road back up. This is still Ryan Millers team, Ryan Miller’s town and Ryan Miller’s game. Right now this guy could stop an aspirin shot out of a gun from 20 feet away. Look, the guy got off to a rough start and then gets laid out by Lucic. Playing goalie is a lot like playing golf and Bobby Jones once said, ” golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course, the space between your ears.” Try battling a 90 mph slap shot while everything around you seems fuzzy. When the Sabres front office went out and signed big named players to win a cup, they did it to surround Ryan Miller… not to surround Jhonas Enroth. With Miller starting to play like the best goalie in the World again there is hope.

.. I still believe


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One response to “I Still Believe…”

  1. Aaron Orbaker says :

    If I may play devil’s advocate for a moment… Sure, they’ve used a late push to get into the playoffs, but where has it got them? First round exits whenever they’ve made the playoffs since 2007 and Darcy Regier thinking that he doesn’t need to make many changes to the team.Something needs to change, and possibly making the playoffs and possibly winning a series (not bloody likely when you look at who they would be facing) is no longer good enough. I’m perfectly fine with them missing the playoffs. I’d rather not see the status quo for yet another season.

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