From Where I Wish I Hadn’t Sat: Team From Toronto vs. Amerks, 4/19/2013

Most of you who are reading this likely also follow me on Twitter. As such, you will be fully aware of my thoughts on the Amerks’ performance against that team from Toronto for the past two seasons. If you don’t follow me, however, I will summarize my thoughts on their effort in one word. Unacceptable. After the jump you’ll find a few thoughts about their season performance, as well as their performance tonight.

The Good:

-Outside of two games against that team from Toronto on 11/30 (4-1) and 3/16 (6-1), David Leggio did his job to keep the Amerks in most of the games. Tonight was no different.

-The Amerks avoided being shutout by that team from Toronto all season. They also managed that last season, until Game 3 of their first round playoff series against that team.

The Bad:

-I’m just going to skip this section tonight

The Ugly:

-They finished the season 1-7-1-1 against that team from Toronto. Unacceptable is the only word I can think to use to describe this. Perhaps “pathetic” would be a better choice of words, however. If you go back to last season (minus the playoffs), the Amerks are 4-11-4-1 against this team. With the playoffs, they are 4-14-4-1. People can try and paint this as a rivalry all they want, but this IS NOT A RIVALRY. In rivalries, teams usually play their best and leave everything out on the ice. The Amerks? “Aw shucks guys, we’re losing to them again.” Perhaps things are different in the locker room, but from what I’ve seen on the ice there is no rivalry. It’s one team dominating the other. I remember seeing a quote from Dallas Eakins earlier in the season that went something like this, “We don’t believe we can lose to this team.” He’s correct.

-The Amerks were outscored 35-19 in the season series. That include 5 empty net goals, 4 of which came in the last two games (2 in each).

-Hey, maybe you cover that guy that wears 29 on their team. Maybe.

-Where was this Drew MacIntyre last year? I know he got shafted from Ron Rolston, but I’m really annoyed about this.

-No effort tonight. Perhaps a shift here and there, but mostly no effort.

-How awful is the Amerks defense? Awful, and it certainly looked like that tonight. Perhaps they should work on that whole “getting out shot by a large margin” issue.


-They made me leave the game with 47 seconds remaining. I never do that. (FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART)

Final Thoughts:

The Amerks will have another chance to clinch a playoff spot on Saturday against the Hamilton Bulldogs. They are 8-2-0-0 against the Bulldogs this season, so perhaps history will repeat itself here as well. As it stands right now, the Amerks would face that team from Toronto in the playoffs. A match-up against either them or the Texas Stars (0-2-0-0) would most certainly mean consecutive years of being swept in the first round of the playoffs. Worse yet, they could miss them altogether. Let’s hope that it does not come to this.

(Note: I really do not like being this negative about the Amerks, but I couldn’t avoid it tonight. There has been too little urgency from the product on the ice to avoid it. Also, there has been too little urgency on Darcy Regier’s part to get adequate defensemen for the Amerks after the call-ups of Mark Pysyk and Adam Pardy. That, however, is a subject for another post.)


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