On Booing

Much has been said about Sabres’ fans booing the team. Plenty of others have already touched on the subject, notably this piece and this piece from our friends over at Black & Blue & Gold. I suppose it’s my turn to weigh in on this subject. After the jump you’ll find my thoughts on booing.


With that said, boo the team if you like. Boo them when the effort isn’t there or someone does something incredibly stupid, otherwise I don’t see much sense in it. I’ll admit that I will, on occasion, boo my teams. It’s not something I’m particularly fond of doing, but sometimes there isn’t much else to say. Like when your team goes 4-10-4-1 over the past two seasons  against a particular team (and 4-13-4-1 if you include the playoffs) and doesn’t seem to give a crap about it. (Those of you who follow me closely know which team I’m talking about here.)

That’s all I have to say.


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