From Where I Sat: Marlies at Amerks, 11/30/2012

Last night marked the second of ten meetings between the Toronto Marlies and the Rochester Americans. It also marked the first half of the home-and-home, as the Amerks will play the Marlies tonight in Toronto. The final score was 4-1 Marlies, and that pretty much sums up how things went for the Amerks. After the jump you’ll find The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Or perhaps you won’t…

Usually this is where you would find The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Today, however, you will not find those headings at all.

There really isn’t much to say about the Amerks at this point. They’ve lost 4 of their last 5 games and have looked absolutely pathetic in their last two contests. Their game against the worst team in the league ( San Antonio Rampage) on Wednesday left a bad taste in my mouth that still lingers. Last night only added to that bad taste.

Last season they were thoroughly dominated by the Marlies, and at this point it looks as though that will happen again this season. Not counting the empty net goal to make it 4-1 last night, the Amerks are on pace to be outscored 30-10 in their meetings against the Marlies. With that said, I thought a collection of gifs and or videos would be the best way to recap last night’s game.

In short, the Amerks game last night can be described through the use of the following gif.


Describing the Amerks’ ability to play hockey as of late:

I will, however, give out a few awards.

-The John Crichton*: Honestly, nobody deserves this award

-The Ka D’Argo**: I’ll give this award to the Amerks current 4th line of Nick Tarnasky, Rick Schofield, and Maxime Legault as they were the only ones who did much of anything last night.

-The Rygel***: Everyone, even the 4th line. Especially the defense and David Leggio.

Injuries are certainly a factor in their performance as of late, but that isn’t the only problem they have. Chemistry is lacking, and guys that should be scoring aren’t. Also, I’m willing to say that goaltending is a major deficiency at this point. At least in the loss to the Rampage on Wednesday I could find at least one bright spot (Frederick Roy scoring his first professional goal). Tonight should be an interesting game to attend, to say the least.

*The John Crichton Award: For the player who, despite his best efforts, finds himself in a tough situation.

**The Ka D’Argo Award: For the player who loses his cool and channels his rage in a way that helps his team win.

***The Rygel Award: For the player(s) who want(s) to win, but would rather have someone else do the work.

P.S. This month’s awards theme will be Farscape. I reserve the right to give a player more than one award or give an award to more than one person.


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