From Where I Sat: B-Sens at Amerks, 10/16/2012

Last night marked the first meeting of the season between the Binghamton Senators and the Rochester Americans. Given the Amerks’ record against the B-Sens last season (6-1-1) one would come into the game expecting a similar result. Unfortunately for Amerks fans, what they witnessed was anything but domination of a team that finished the 2011-12 season dead last in the AHL. The final score was 3-1 B-Sens. After the jump you’ll find The GoodThe Bad, and The Ugly.
The Good:

-David Leggio: Despite giving up two goals (one after a terrible line change and one screened) he made more than his fair share of spectacular saves to earn a win.  He still earned the 3rd star despite taking the loss.

-They managed to kill off 4/5 penalties, so I guess that is something good.

-Kevin Porter scored a goal, so that is something good too.

The Bad:

-Sloppy, sloppy passes. Passing was a problem in the home opener, and it was certainly a problem during this game.

-I wasn’t sure if there was less energy among in the stands (no way was the attendance 3,045 last night) or on the ice. That game was an absolute snoozer. Of course that was due in part to the B-Sens defensive system, but still, snoozer. SNOOZER.

-On several occasions I attempted to get a “Let’s go Amerks!” chant going, but apparently nobody felt like joining in. I want to slap you all on the face for that. Bollocks to the lot of you!

-Drew Schiestel hasn’t exactly been playing very good defense this season. He’s a good player, and it’s very early in the season, but he’s had a rough fall from where he was before that knee injury a couple seasons ago.

-Perhaps it’s just me, but it didn’t look like the Amerks defensemen could handle the speed of the B-Sens forwards. Then again, the entire team looked like they were tired. Being tired makes no sense, as they hadn’t played a game since Saturday.

-You might want to sign these guys up for a chemistry class at MCC, RIT, or U of R, because these guys have no chemistry. Again, it’s early in the season so that will likely change. The line that did seem to have chemistry is gone due to Corey Tropp’s season-ending injury in the game against that punk Syracuse team.

The Ugly:

-The Amerks PP makes me want to punch babies, something I typically reserve for SU football games. I don’t think they know how to adapt on the PP. As I tweeted last night during one of their SEVEN PP chances, they might want to try taking shots from somewhere other than the outside. The B-Sens were blocking shots from the point the entire night, yet they continued to take those shots. If Robin Lehner saw more than 1 or 2 shots on the PP I would be surprised. I’m no expert, nor am I one of those “SHOOOOOOOT!!!” people, but it seems to me that good PP units can adapt. I’m not sure they’re capable of that, but it is only 3 games into the season. I’d complain about the SHGA, but it was an empty net goal. Shorthanded empty net goals don’t count in my book. Although there was that 2 on 0 that would have resulted in a shorthanded goal had it not been for Leggio.

-Too many damn turnovers.

Awards: (New feature!)

-The Malcolm Reynolds*: David Leggio

-The River Tam**: Kevin Porter

-The Badger***: Everyone Else

Final Thoughts:

There really isn’t much more to say than I have already said. The Amerks were lucky to win the home opener after conceding 4 unanswered goals, which should have been a warning sign of things to come. While it is most certainly too early in the season to draw any conclusions about this team, I can say that what we have seen so far isn’t very convincing. Their next game is at home against the Grand Rapids Griffins on Friday. Expect to see another preview on Friday for that game.

In Coach Rolston we trust.

*The Malcolm Reynolds Award: For the player who does his best to hold things together, but ends up getting hurt in the process.

**The River Tam Award: For the player who rises above the rest when his team needs him.

***The Badger Award: For the player(s) that want to win, but don’t would rather have someone else do the work.

P.S. The awards theme will change week-to-week, so expect to see a new one next week. This week the theme is Firefly.


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