Game Preview: B-Sens at Amerks, 10/16/2012

We here at The Ruff Writers have seriously slacked off on our blogging duties and for that we apologize (well, at least I do). So I thought it would be interesting to do a rare game preview for tonight’s Amerks’ game against the Binghamton Senators. After the jump you’ll find some very meaningful numbers for comparison.

I’ll spare you the boring words (Read as: I’m lazy and shouldn’t even be writing this as work) and skip directly to the numbers.


  • Amerks: 2GP 1-1-0, Currently 11th in the Western Conference
  • B-Sens: 1GP 1-0-0, Currently 6th in the Eastern Conference


  • Amerks: 7GF, 8GA
  • B-Sens: 2 GF, 1GA


  • Amerks: 50PIM, 15PKs, 5PPGA, 66.7PK%, 0SHGF, Currently 28th in the league
  • B-Sens: 16PIM, 3PKs, 0PPGA, 100PK%, 0SHGF, Currently 2nd in the league

Power Plays:

  • Amerks: 11PP chances, 2PP Goals, 18.2PP%, 0SHGA, Currently 11th in the league
  • B-Sens: 6PP chances, 0PP Goals, 0PP%, 0SHGA, Currently 25th in the league

Goalies: (Numbers in parenthesis indicate rank, “*” indicates projected starter)

  • Amerks: David Leggio*, 2GP 1-1-0, 3.90GAA (29/33), 0.886SV% (25/33), 8GA (32/33), Saves: 62 of 70 (2/33)
  • Amerks: Connor Knapp (Rookie), ???
  • B-Sens: Robin Lehner*: 1GP 1-0-0, 1.00GAA (3/33), 0.972SV% (1/33), 1GA (1/33), Saves: 35 of 36 (17/33)
  • B-Sens: Ben Bishop, ???

Forwards & Defensemen: (Points, Goals, Shots) (Minimum 1GP)

  • Amerks (Corey Tropp not included): 9/18 have points, 4/9 have goals, 43 SOG by 17 players (0.116 Shot %)
  • B-Sens: 5/18 have points, 2/5 have goals, Total of 25 SOG taken by 13 players (0.08 Shot %)

Forwards & Defensemen: Rookie Skaters (Minimum 1GP)

  • Amerks: 2 forwards, 1 defenseman. 1G, 0A, 5 SOG
  • B-Sens: 4 forwards, 1 defenseman. 1G, 0A, 9 SOG

The numbers above, of course, could be meaningless if either of the coaches decide to mix their lineups up for this Tuesday night game. The Amerks do have a few more rookies who haven’t seen action yet, but so do the B-Sens. Who plays tonight is certainly not set in stone; at least not publicly, anyway.

Keys to the Game (Everyone likes obvious statements about how to win a game!):

  • Amerks:  Score more goals than the B-Sens. More SOG than the B-Sens, as the opposite hasn’t exactly been working very well after two games. Play a good North/South/East/West/Up/Down game, play a full 60 minutes, and whatever other cliched phrase you hear in a post-game interview about how to win a game.
  • B-Sens: Oodles of penalties, which shouldn’t be an issue with the way refs are calling penalties this season. Score very few goals. (Read as: none)

I’ll be in my usual seat (Section 114, Row G, Seat 13) so feel free to stop by and have a super awkward conversation with me between periods.

In Professor Rolston (and small sample sizes) we trust.

P.S. I was going to give you all a gif, but I couldn’t find one awesome enough to share with you. Perhaps another time.


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