Meme Preview of the 2012 NHL Trade Deadline

I thought I would provide our readers with a slightly humorous preview of the 2012 NHL Trade Deadline. Call me venomous all you want Bucky Gleason, but even you will agree with this. And just to reinforce the stereotype, I am writing this from a laptop in my basement. You can call me Warlock if you like, but I am not sure I am befitting of such a noble title.

Fans would love to see Darcy Regier make some sort of move at the deadline. For most fans, that move would include shipping out underachieving guys like Drew Stafford and Derek Roy. Others would like to see “terrible” defensemen Andrej Sekera* shipped out of Buffalo before he has another terrible stretch of play like the last week.** In general, however, I think that the following meme describes what many fans are expecting from the trade deadline.

Of course, as Sabres fans we know to expect almost nothing of the sort. Especially with the way things are in the Eastern Conference. The most likely scenario is that they still believe the playoffs are actually going to happen. So, you know, they can make yet another first round exit and be convinced that they need not make any significant changes during the summer. (See Bucky, I am venomous!)  In other words, the best meme to describe how Regier will respond to the trade deadline is the following.

If I think of (or find) a few more memes I will add them to this post, but for now this is my preview of the NHL Trade Deadline.


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