Festivus Comes Early This Year For Sabres Fans

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, or Festivus if you happen to be Drew Stafford. And with the coming of Festivus comes the traditional  Airing of Grievances. Of course we should also anticipate Feats of Strength, but we can save that for another day. Today I intend to get the ball rolling on the Airing of Grievances by airing yours as well as mine. Some will be serious, and others will be on the lighter side. I hope you enjoy this early beginning to Festivus.Dear Buffalo Sabres and Management,

As devoted fans of the Buffalo Sabres, we wish to inform you of all the ways you have disappointed us this season. We hope that you take these grievances seriously this Festivus season, as we all know what comes next…Fans committing feats of strength over you. And that will not be pretty…

– Drew Stafford: Making $4 million with 12 points in 26 games AND a -4? Not value for the money. He has not looked very good, and many fans want to see him sitting in the press box as a wakeup call when the team is healthy again.


– Robyn Regehr: Why can you not clone him? More #(SABRENOTNAMEDREGEHR)SMASH please! Also, if you could get working on a way to clone Regehr we would very much appreciate it.

– The locker room: The locker room is too posh. Apparently the Sabres would rather get through the period just to play some Xbox or sit by the fire during intermission (we assume they are smoking a pipe and drinking scotch when sitting by the fire).

– Holiday decorations: Why do you have green and gold holiday trees? They should be BLUE and gold. (via @ssmorol on Twitter)

– Amerks depth: Why was Darcy not very active in pursuing a few more veterans for the Amerks? As fans we understand that there is a limit on the number of veterans a team in the AHL can have, but a few more would have been nice. Okay, I suppose that not all of the fans understand this.

– Replacing injured players: With as many players from the Amerks playing in the NHL due to injuries as there are, we can essentially call the Sabres the Buffchester Sabrecans. Why has nobody bothered to address the fact that the Amerks are playing shorthanded?

– Center depth: Why did Darcy not actually address center depth during the off season? The Ville Leino as a center experiment has failed.

– Winning at home: You want fans to stop booing you at home? Then give us something to cheer for.

– Your Power Play: More shooty and less passy please. I (Aaron) personally apologize for the “SHOOT!!!!” fans when you are on the PP, but it does not hurt to shoot the puck on occasion.

– Cheap Shots: Many fans argue that you as a team have no identity. Some of us, however, believe that you do have an identity, it is just that it is not a favorable one. What is that identity? Lack of mental (and physical) toughness. Twice this season someone has laid a cheap shot on one of your teammates when you had a lead, and twice you have lost those games. It happened against the Booins and then again last night against the Flyers. You all need to see a sports psychologist ASAP.

That should just about cover all of our disappointments with you this year. We are certain that there is more that could be said, but these are the most egregious sins. We hope that you will take these into consideration sooner rather than later. If not, expect to see us exercise our strength. We all know that if we do that then you will give us what we want. Your track record this season proves that. Happy Festivus!


Sabres Fans

P.S. We got you a little something for Festivus, we hope you enjoy it!

Happy Festivus!


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