Andrej Sekera Week

A little over a week ago I wrote about fan hatred of European players on the Sabres. As I wrote in that piece, I am tired of the hate directed at Andrej Sekera by many Sabres fans. Especially considering that he has been one of the more consistent defensemen on the team this season. Since I wrote that piece I have been pleased to see that there are Sabres fans who also do not like the hatred directed at Sekera. I therefore declare the week of November 27 to December 3 to be “Andrej Sekera Appreciation Week.”

There are no rules for showing your appreciation for Andrej Sekera. All I ask is that you take a few minutes to appreciate his consistent play over the course of this season and last. Scott Michalak at Buffalo Sabres Nation wrote a nice piece this morning on Sekera’s numbers this season. I highly recommend you make this part of your celebration.

As for me, I will be switch my display picture on Facebook and Twitter to a picture of #44 for the week. I have also created an event for this week on Facebook, which you can join here. Also take a few minutes to join this wonderful Sekera fan page on Facebook.

And while you are at it, sit back and celebrate with a delicious Golden Pheasant! The cream of the Slovakian beer crop (or so I assume)!

In Tylers (and Andrej Sekera) we trust.


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