I’m Pretty Much Tyler Myers.

The summer before eighth grade I was on top of the world. That summer I was coming off of a successful Bar Mitzvah, I bought my first guitar and I literally had no responsibilities in the entire world. I spent every day bumming around with my pals and doing a whole lot of nothing. The only time I spent not playing street hockey, I spent riding my bike. I was an unstoppable machine of summer. The jewish community recognized me as a man and I’d be damned if I didn’t act like the man. The pinnacle of my summer, the aforementioned bike riding, would also prove to be my downfall.

While riding one day, I hit a bump in the sidewalk. My bike stopped dead underneath me. My body, however, kept moving forward as if nothing happened. I flew over the handlebars, arms outstretched like a mini superman. I was way too cool to actually buckle my helmet so naturally it flew off my head as I flew to my demise. I hit the side-walk hands first. My right wrist absorbed the 100 pounds of shock that was my body. A nearby construction worker called my mom and she took me to the hospital. About three hours later I was sitting at home with a broken wrist. The greatest summer in the history of ever had come crashing to an end.

Earlier today the Sabres announced that Tyler Myers would be out for 4-6 weeks with a broken wrist. If it only ends up being 4 weeks, the big easy should consider himself lucky. Hell, I’d consider 6 weeks lucky. My wrist fiasco spanned over three months, two surgeries, three casts and a sling. I’m not saying it’s all doom and gloom for Tyler the big. I’m just saying wrists aren’t something to mess with. They’re kinda necessary for certain things in hockey like, say, the WRIST shot.

Bflo Blog summed up everyone's feelings pretty well. Pardon the spelling error, MSPaint solved that issue.

This injury, especially when coupled with Mike Weber’s upper body injury, completely changes the defensive landscape of the Sabres. The team called up TJ “The Teej” Brennan in anticipation that he might be needed after Weber went down. Myers’ injury has left a good chunk of the Sabres community asking one thing: Now what?

Contrary to what my immediate reactions were, I actually live for situations like this. When the big guys go down (pun completely intended) it forces the younger players to step in. I’m sure Brennan has been waiting for his chance to shine


and no opportunity will present itself as outright as this one. If I’m TJ Brennan (which I’m not, unfortunately), I’m pretty damn excited that Tyler just underwent surgery. He basically gets an entire month to not mess up at the pro level.

This also forces M.A. Gragnani to step into a bigger role. Tyler Myers is no doubt the most fluid skater on the blue line for

the Sabres. Now that he is injured, I think that role is filled by Grags. I was pretty overwhelmed by Gragnani’s stride both times I’ve seen him live. The TV does not do his superb skating justice. I might sound a bit hyperbolic but I’m not trying to be. He really is that good. It’s do or die for Gragnani with the injuries on defense. Consider this baptism by fire for the Teej and Grags.

When I returned to school on the first day of eighth grade I was rocking a red cast that was riddled with “get well soon” notes from friends. My mom and I went and visited my band teacher. Seeing as I was the coolest kid ever, naturally I was a tuba player (it should be noted that my new injury prohibited me from playing tuba). When we arrived in the band room, my band teacher lit up with excitement. Eager to show me the new tuba that the school had purchased (basically for my use only) he said, “Have I got a surprise for you!” My mom, who pretty much invented sarcasm, held up my broken wrist and responded with “Oh yeah? Well we’ve got a surprise for you.”

In light of the injuries to various Sabres, I ask the following: Who has a surprise for us?

In the training staff we trust. Go Sabres.


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