Four Thoughts After Four Games

I’m not one for recaps, but I have a few thoughts tonight on the heels of the Sabres 3-2 win over the loathsome Penguins.

1.) The 63-23-22 line needs to go. Too much touring of the offensive zone and not enough shooting. Tyler Ennis has had a total of two shots on goal in the last two games. He had three in the first game and two in the second game. This line obviously isn’t working. I think Lindy Ruff caught on to that when he demoted Brad Boyes to the 4th line for the better part of the 3rd period. Ville Leino had a FO% of 35.3 coming into tonight’s game and ended with a FO% of 31, which is the lowest of any Sabres forward with a minimum of 30 faceoff attempts. Luke Adam actually increased his FO% tonight from 39.4 to 43.9, but it’s still not very good.

2.) Brad Boyes? Who is that guy? If he keeps up his lack of production you’ll likely be seeing a statistical view of how he’s performed since coming to the Sabres at the trade deadline.

3.) Can you say Tyler Ennis Sophomore Slump? I’ll discuss this more in a future Tyler Tracker post, but through his first 4 games last season Ennis had 0G 4A 4P  +2. Through his first 4 games of this season he has 0G 0A 0P +1. I’m going to assume this has something to do with his linemates. Ennis is one of four Sabres who have yet to earn a point; Robyn Regehr, Patrick Kaleta, and Cody McCormick are the other three. Not exactly the kind of company you want to see him be lumped in with. I say you try some new linemates and if that doesn’t work you send him to the press box for a game or two (when Hecht comes back). I’m being overly critical of my favorite player, but I don’t like what I’ve seen.

4.) I mostly like what we’ve seen with Luke Adam. He currently leads all rookies in goals (3), assists (3), points (6), and +/- with +2. I dare say he’s not going to Rochester this season if he keeps this up.

In Tylers we trust.


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