The New Captain

And there we have it folks, your questions about who the next Sabres captain would be have been answered. In a video posted today by the Sabres, Lindy Ruff appointed Jason Pominville as the 15th full time captain in Sabres history. Are you a little surprised? Well, if so, you aren’t alone.

For some time now there has been much speculation amongst the fanbase as to who the next captain of the Sabres would be. There was even speculation as to whether or not Lindy would name anyone as a full time captain. The majority of the speculation was centred around Paul “Goose” Gaustad, Thomas Vanek, and Jason Pominville. Aside from the folks over at Pro Hockey Talk, who considered none of the aforementioned players as possible captains, the media types expected Thomas Vanek to be named as the next captain. So imagine their surprise, when Pominville was named the captain. Perhaps they saw something in him that they didn’t see in Pominville. Ultimately, nobody (not even the media) really knows what goes on behind closed doors except for the players and coaches. There is obviously something that Lindy saw in Pominville that he didn’t see in anyone else.


Personally, I was on the #VanekForCaptain platform. Mostly because of his performance last season when Derek Roy went down in December. Vanek, however, has only really started to come into a leadership role, unlike Pominville. So I suppose that, in retrospect, the naming of Pominville as captain should come as too much of a surprise. It’s certainly a more preferable choice over Goose. I’m one of those people who believe that your captain should be one of your best players. I’m sorry Goose, but your great FO% and toughness just don’t scream “captain” to me. Pominville may be boring to watch (most of the time), but he’s consistent and works hard. That is exactly the kind of guy that you want as a leader. Congratulations to Pommers.

I won’t speak much as to the alternate captains. Thomas Vanek, Derek Roy, Drew Stafford, and Goose all seem like good choices. I was, however, expecting to see Tyler Myers be named as an alternate, but I’m not 100% surprised that he wasn’t. I’m at happy to see that that everyone is a homegrown player. I like seeing leadership come from the guys who have been in the organisation for their entire career. This should be an interesting season to watch. Just think, it all starts tomorrow!

In Tylers (and Pominville) we trust.


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