Captain Pominville?

Sabres are over the pond and looking good!

After spanking Alder Manheim 8-3 on Tuesday, Buffalo held a team meeting on Wednesday we’re they announced this years captains.

Lindy Ruff gathered the team and passed out their jerseys. Vanek, Roy and Gaustad received ‘A’s and will serve as assistants too… Jason Pominville?

Okay okay I can see where Ruff is going and respect his decision. He’s been in Buffalo as long as anyone and seems to go about his buisness quietly. Everytime I think it’s time to get rid of him you look at his numbers and are pleasant surprised. Plus look at this:

“The Sabres were 16-5-0 when Pominville scored a goal last season and 22-9-4 when he collected a point. When the 28-year-old right wing was out of the lineup, the Sabres were 2-5-2 in the regular season and 0-2 in the playoffs.”

While I would have loved to see a defenseman with a letter I don’t think anyone has been there long enough to deserve it and I’m ecstatic that the team didn’t just hand a letter to the oldest guy that walks in the locker room… cough cough Craig Rivet cough cough. Pominville knows how things are suppose to be run in Buffalo and knowing he’s the full time captain gives me a sigh of relief.

I have a good feeling he will actually be good enough to make the starting line up and not get sat because he’s too old to make a boards to boards pass… but i digress. The Sabres brought in Leino, Ehrhoff and Regehr but besides that most of these players have been around for a while. This is the core of the team and a lot of the players have come through the system (Vanek, Roy, Stafford, Ennis, Gerbe, Miller, Pominville, Grags, Myers) and they have gone through the ups and downs.

Hats off to Ruff and the team and congrats to Pominville he’s survived the good and bad and this team is poised for big things. One more day everyone… Lets goooooo


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