FNC Music: Daydream Edition

I’m going to take a few minutes to borrow what I think is a great idea from Phil over at Black & Blue & Gold. If you haven’t read his latest post, entitled “If I Controlled the DJ Booth At First Niagara Center,” I highly recommend that you do before reading my adaptation of it (this).  While his piece has very realistic music choices, I’m going to go in the completely opposite direction and pick my “dream” songs. I’ll try to do some of the ones he’s done for comparison, but I likely won’t do them all or I’ll do some he hasn’t. I might just agree with Phil on a few songs. Especially one involving a certain cat…

Powerplay: “Gods of War Arise” by Amon Amarth

“God of War Arise” is one of those songs that could really have multiple uses, but I think it’s best suited for the PP.

Taking the ice: “Pursuit of Vikings” by Amon Amarth

Fight by anyone: “Make Them Suffer” by Cannibal Corpse

Not enough music from Buffalo is played at the F’N Thunderdome Center.

Goal by Roy: “Wenches and Mead” by Alestorm

I know Roy is a big fan of house music, but I’m calling the songs here. Pirates and partying. Who could ask for more? Except, perhaps, Roy would like something other than wenches…

Goal by Stafford: “We’rewolf” by Every Time I Die

Goal by Leino: “Cottages &  Saunas” by Korpiklaani

REGEHR SMASH!!!!: “Symphony of Destruction” by Megadeth

Goal by Kaleta/Gerbe/Gaustad/or call-up (not named Kassian): ‘Working Man” by Rush

I couldn’t do any better than Phil on that one.

Zack Kassian does something awesome: “Seek and Destroy” cover by Apocalyptica

Could have easily gone with the original, but I had to go with Apocalyptica on this one.

Victory song: “Victory Song” by Ensiferum

Opposing goalie pulled due to sucking/allows a turrible goal: “Keyboard Cat”

This is one Phil and I agree on 100%. I even agree that the PA guy needs to say “Play him off Keyboard Cat!”

Opposing player dives: “Shipwrecked” by Alestorm

That is about all I can handle right now. If I think of a few others I’ll add them in. Phil definitely has a solid selection of realistic songs, but sometimes we need to live in a dreamworld.

In Tylers (and metal) we trust.


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