Almost Immediate Reactions-Game 4

I’ll keep this brief because I’m exhausted: Jason Pominville scored the only goal, and Ryan Miller made 32 saves as the Sabres won 1-0 for the second time in this series and now we head back to the City of Brotherly Love tied at 2. Miller seemed to take the life out of the Flyers when he just stole the puck from Danny Briere who was in front all alone with just under 9 minutes to go. Now for some statistics:

Stat I Liked: The Man, The Myth, The Miller. I’ll be the first to give him credit for making 32 saves, because I was one person who wanted him pulled. I’m glad I was wrong.

Stat I Disliked: Zero goals in the final 2.5 periods. I’m being picky. A win is a win, but it would’ve been nice to not make us as fans sweat it out.

Game Puck: Ryan Miller. Who else? Who else!? Either Pominville or Ennis could also get a nod.

Lindy’s Doghouse: The media (myself included). I’m gonna do my best to stop questioning his methods when it comes to goaltending. He knew Miller would bounce back, and I wasn’t sure. I am now.

Back to Philly on Friday (4/22) at 7:00pm. We’re back in it again.



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