Dave’s Dish – Really Sabres? REALLY!?

Today was a decent day. I moved rooms at school, got to go home and have Mom’s delicious meat loaf (insert Wedding Crashers reference here). And I met and got to play with my new dogs, Daisy and Kody. Tonight was supposed to be awesome too, with the Sabres in Florida and LeBron James in New York against the Knicks.

After the meat loaf, the whole night turned sour.

I won’t talk much about Miami-New York (but the Heat destroyed the Knicks :/ ). I want to talk about our hockey team in caps for a second. I, like you readers, have several questions: (*Ahem*)


Alright, now that my anger is out of the way, let’s figure this out. Our Vezina Trophy winning goalie gave up 4 goals in 20 minutes on 10 shots. They played with no heart and they didn’t really improve, although the scoreboard says they scored twice. It was nauseating watching the team get outworked, out muscled, outplayed for 2.5 hours of my life…2.5 hours that I can’t get back. They had 43 shots on goal, but none of them challenged Tomas Vokoun. Most of the shots I saw were either directly on net, or extremely wide. This was pathetic; simply pathetic. In the 19+ years I’ve been alive, they’ve never looked more heartless than they did tonight as far as I’m concerned. If this were between 2005-2007, I’d have thought “Okay, Drury and Briere will dig us out of this hole.” After all, they’ve done it countless times coming back from 4 down (one game in March 2007 against Toronto comes to mind). Tonight after they trailed 2-0 I thought “This team stinks.”

I never wanted to believe that this team was bad. I wanted to believe that the 100 pt year last year was the stepping stone back to a Presidents Trophy and Stanley Cup by the end of 2012. After this loss, I’m convinced they cannot do it with this current team. And whether or not they change owners, GM’s, coaches, whatever, one thing remains clear: unless changes occur, this team will not go anywhere but to a top 10 draft pick every year.


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