Dave’s Dish: Present Project, Future Starter

Dave’s Dish is a segment that will pop up occasionally. All posts in the “Dave’s Dish” series are written by a friend of mine, Dave Sanna. He is a fellow Western New York-er and as die hard a Sabres fan as they come. Consider “Dave’s Dish” a place for a regular fan (just like you!) to release some opinion and analysis on the happenings of the Sabres. Enjoy!

Having just witnessed the Sabres’ recent road trip, a very successful road trip in which they obtained 5 of 6 possible points and began to slowly pull themselves out of the depths of the Eastern Conference cellar, this writer learned something. Something quite intriguing and shocking all at once. Make sure your jaws have a straight shot at the floor.

Jhonas Enroth is a young Ryan Miller.

*GASPS* I know. I was shocked when I first thought about the idea too. But if you compare veteran journeyman benchwarmer Patrick Lalime’s statistics to those of Enroth, you will be pleasantly surprised

Lalime’s season statistics: 4 Games played, 0 Wins, 3 losses, 3.32 Goals Against Average, .888 Save Percentage, 0 Shutouts
Enroth’s season statistics: 4 Games played, 2 Wins, 1 loss, 1 OT Loss, 3.43 Goals Against Average,  .876 Save Percentage, 0 Shutouts

Okay. Take a minute and read these statistics (courtesy of Sabres.com). I know exactly what you’re thinking, and it probably uses a profanity or two. But here me out. Lalime’s time is running thin here in Buffalo. He’s got another year left on his current deal (making $600,000 to ride Ryan Miller’s coattails), meaning Enroth will most likely return to Portland when Miller returns from his injury. And this is probably the best thing for him! He’s more useful playing in the AHL than he would be sitting on the bench ready to spell Miller for a game or two. After next season, bring him up and he’ll be ready to be a full time backup.

I understand that Ryan Miller is the goaltender, better yet the STARTING goaltender. I understand he’s Team USA’s goaltender. I understand he’s the unofficial captain, face of the franchise, hallowed leader, best in Buffalo, and the overall “man”. I understand that he’s not going anywhere for a long time.

However, neither is Enroth, and if/when Miller leaves, we’ve got our new netminder.



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