Error 404: Playoff Beard Not Found.

I love geek jokes. I hate that I can't grow a beard.

Yes, that’s me. Yes, I can’t grow a beard. Yes, it sucks.

You know what doesn’t suck? THE PLAYOFFS! Seriously, the playoffs rock. I am so ridiculously excited for tonight. Unfortunately I will not be able to watch the game. Shitty, I know. Don’t rub it in. Seriously, stop. I have to sing at a benefit tonight with my a Capella group tonight starting at, you guessed it, 7 PM. Lame. However the gig is a benefit concert so I feel great that I get to be a part of it.

You know what I’ve noticed about this year’s playoffs? Twitter. Twitter has been at the heart of numerous memes and jokes and news and all around awesomeness for this years’ playoffs. ThrowTheSnake started as a hash tag for T
witter and became a sensation for not only Phoenix (the team that it is based around) but also the entire hockey community. Basically, fans were told to throw plastic snakes on the ice in Phoenix in response to Detroit’s tradition of throwing squids on the ice before their games. It was the number one Twitter trend in Canada for a bit. UntrueLindyFacts was another another tag started by Buffalo fans. It’s basically Chuck Norris jokes but with a twist of Lindy Ruff. There are some good ones too. Twitter really took off for me at the start of these playoffs for me too. I’ve began chatting with Phil from Black Blue and Gold and Mike from Roll the Highlight Film about random things. Beards seem to come up more often than not. As of yesterday, Dani from Sabre Kallisions threw herself into the mix.

Twitter has become my favorite source of hockey news and talk. Seriously, if you don’t have a Twitter account, you need one. No hardcore fan will be able to go without one after they get into it. I literally don’t use it for anything but hockey. And that is just fine. Most people my age are all “Nah I don’t need no Twitter, that’s what Facebook is for. Plus I need to express my thoughts in more than 160 words. So, suck it Twitter.” But you don’t even need to say anything, you can just sit back and get news. It’s pretty awesome. Here’s who to follow: @Mirtle @Wyshynski @PhilBBG @mtracz @SabreKallision @Katebits @BanginPanger @TSNBobMcKenzie @HockeyWebcast @FTLT @joefromnycblog @TwoLinePass @BfloBlog @DarrenDreger @HIYLJ @3rdManIn @WGR550 @NicholasMendola OR Go to this page (click) and follow who you feel like.

While we’re on the subject of pimping other people’s stuff, Katebits at the Willful Caboose has the Bandwagoner’s Guide to the Galaxy Guide to the Buffalo Sabres. Basically, she is helping every new Sabres fan get to know the team for the playoffs. IT’S AWESOME. Even if you’re a hardcore fan, you need to check it out. It’s hilarious for any fan. On top of making teh funnys though, Katebits really knocks her facts outta the park. Read it. Now.

Also, Mike at Roll The Highlight Film presents his game preview. Unlike me, Mike isn’t super duper lazy. He actually like posts and stuff. On a consistent basis, too.  He posted a game preview for tonight (remember when I used to do that? Ah, those were the days. I will again soon…). I highly recommend reading it for tonight’s game. It’s goooooooood. And the perfect length.

So yeah. That’s all for now I guess.

I’m really excited for tonight’s game. Playoff hockey is a whole different monster. I’m excited to watch the Sabres come out and romp on the Bruins. Of all of the match-ups in the East for some reason, many people chose this as their “token upset”. Probably because it has the Sabres and even when we are good everyone likes to consider us middle of the pack. Sports writers don’t look at this team as one that can really make an impact. However, I think they are overlooking how mediocre the Bruins are this year. They had the lowest Goals per Game this season in the entire league and they are playing one of the stingiest D’s in the league not only on paper but in reality. Yes, they also had the second best Goals Against per Game in the league but that really only seems like a paper statistic for me. We can bust them open and score goals upon goals against them. That’s just what I think though. And really, who cares what I think? I know I don’t.

To those going to the Game, have fun! Know that everyone who didn’t go is soooo super dooper jealous of you.

To those going to the Plaza, have more fun than the people actually at the Game! Why? Because I said so damn it.

Game is on at 7:00 and I’m not exactly sure what channel it is on to be honest with ya.

Until next time (tomorrow likely)…

Go Sabres!


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