TRW’s Weekly Rewind Re-find: Northeast? More like North-beast.

Hey Hey Hey! Time for the weekly Rewind Re-find (which is becoming more semi-weekly than weekly). Time to Rewind the events of this past week.

Some of the new Shwag available for purchase at the Sabres Store. Picture taken by WBFO.

This past really wasn’t that eventful, game-wise. Last Thursday the Sabres took on the lousy Toronto Maple Leafs and didn’t exactly look what you and I would call “good”. Tyler Ennis picked up an assist further proving he is something special. The Sabres mustered a measly 22 shots and made JS Gigure look like a superstar. This was nothing, however, compared to what the Sabres did two nights later in Montreal. Jaroslav Halak picked up his second straight shutout in a game that saw the Sabres look sloppy. A friend told me the Sabres opted to take a walk in Montreal instead of practicing because it was a beautiful. I couldn’t find the story he read but I think that this is just god awful. No wonder we looked like shit out there, we were literally out to lunch.

Things changed on Tuesday night when the Sabres took on the New York Rangers. The Sabres manhandled the Rangers 5-2 with a goal and two assists coming from Tyler Ennis the Menace. This victory clinched the Northeast Division title for the Sabres which is pretty awesome. I wrote about it yesterday.

Moral of the rewind: There really isn’t one. Let’s just enjoy the playoffs.

Now time to re-find some articles from the past week. This week’s articles all come from within the past couple days.

  • After Tuesday’s win over the Rangers, Drew Stafford was seen sporting a “new” jacket. The white sport coat has been passed around the locker room to the player of the game for the past three games. It’s akin to the fake Duck that Spacho-3000 (Jaroslav Spacek) used to pass around last year. [The Buffalo News]
  • Keith Tkachuk is one unique player. After 19 long seasons in the NHL, Tkachuk is calling it quits. Here is Puck Daddy’s awesome review thingy of his career. [Puck Daddy]
  • Also in the realm of Puck Daddy, this week’s death watch is really quite interesting. At least in terms of the East where Philly, Boston, Montreal and New York are all fighting to stay alive. What makes it more interesting is the fact that Philly and New York close the season with a home and home series. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Sabres have signed prospect Luke Adam to a three year deal, according to Adam was one of the best players in the World Juniors and has really picked up a knack for goal scoring alongside his already physical play. [Sabres Prospects]
  • ALL HAIL OUR DRAFTING ABILITIES! ENNIS NAMED AHL ROOKIE OF THE YEAR! HOORAY! One year after Nathan Gerbe was named rookie of the year for the AHL, Tyler Ennis has been given the award. It really compliments our drafting team that we have this stellar young talent. Ennis also has 8 points in 7 NHL games. [Sabres]
  • WARNING: NOT HOCKEY: For all you New York Yankee Fans out there, my buddy Brian Sibbitts is trying to get his Yankee blog off the ground. It’s called Burning Bonx and it’s pretty good. Check it out, he’s new to blogging so cut him some slack. [The Burning Bronx]

Contrary to weekends of the past, this weekend is especially important. Why? Because it is the final weekend of the regular season. After this weekend, the stage will be set. We will know if the Rangers are actually going to be in the playoffs. We will know who the Sabres have to romp in the first round. We will know if San Jose is screwed or not. After this weekend, the real fun begins. Tonight brings a game against the Boston Bruins, who are struggling to remain in the playoff picture. A win by the Sabres tonight could really cause some chaos in the playoff picture. The Sabres take on Ottawa on Saturday in an attempt to finally beat them this season. Sunday has us playing the playoff bound Devils in a game that will help decide the fate of who wins 2nd place in the East.

Poll of the Weekend: This weekend’s poll touches upon the first round of the playoffs.

Quote of the Weekend: There has been much discussion about the race for the Calder (Rookie of the Year) as of late. It’s down to pretty much Tyler Myers or Jimmy Howard at this point. Everyone who has brain cells knows that it’s Tyler Myers. Everyone who doesn’t (most of us call them “Red Wings fans”) thinks it’ll be Jimmy Howard. My close friend Zack Steinberg, however, isn’t worried about it.

“I’m not worried about whether or not Myers will win the Calder. I mean, with the amount of Norris (defenseman of the year) trophies he is going to bring in it really doesn’t matter.”

There ya have it. I tend to agree with this statement.

Song of the Weekend: I really wanted to use another Reel Big Fish song this week for two reasons: 1.) They freaking rock. 2.) I’m going to see them this weekend at St. Lawrence University and it is going to be great. But alas, I did not because I gave you guys an RBF song last week. Instead I’ll hit  you guys up with a song by indie garage rockers the Tally Hall. It’s a super catchy song entitled “Good Day”. I hope ya dig it, I know I have been.

Weird but good. Good luck getting it out of your head.

Have an awesome final weekend everyone!

Game tonight against the Bruins is on at 7:00 on MSG. Sabres lead the season series 3-2.

Until next time…

Go Sabres!


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