TRW’s Weekly Rewind, Re-find: 2 Points and Playoffs

It’s that time of the week again! The time when you abandon all that you are doing to read your favorite hockey blog! Then after you read your favorite blog, you come here and read this blog. Wocka, Wocka, Wocka! But on a more serious note, a sincerely enjoy doing this and hope you enjoy reading it.

First, let’s rewind. Due to the fact that I was on tour last week, I’m going to extend to more than just this direct past week (I tend to that with the RWRF).

After dropping three straight games two weeks ago, the Sabres step things up big time. We won. A lot. Since boosting the self-esteem of the Atlanta Thrashers with a 4-3 loss, the Sabres have won four straight. We beat Tampa on Thursday and then took on Florida and Carolina back to back on Saturday and Sunday. We won those games, too. Awesome.  Wednesday night the Sabres scored twice in the final two minutes to tie their game against Montreal. Shootout goals from Pominville and Vanek capped the victory.

One thing I like about this stretch is the fact that we’re scoring. Including the loss to Atlanta, the Sabres have outscored their opponents 20-12. Although that isn’t exactly a massive margin it does show that this team can put together some scoring. Hooray.

Moral of the rewind: We’ve been winning and do it well.

Time to re-find some stories from last week:

  • A friend and I were discussing the speculation about Raffi Torres and his alleged hand/ wrist injury. The initial report was that Torres came to Buffalo with the injury. Paul Hamilton of WGR 550 sets the record straight after speaking with Torres. Raffi says it happened here. Thanks to Dave Sanna for sending that my way. [WGR550]
  • Puck Daddy breaks down who should win the Hart (MVP) this year. Ryan Miller is one of the five mentioned. Not sure I agree with Ilya Bryzgalov. It’s a good read. [Puck Daddy]
  • Awesome breakdown of Wednesday’s game against Montreal by Mike from Roll the Highlight Film. Jokes against Max Afinogenov, the word “eleventy billion” and references to the stream to the penalty box as the beaches of Normandy. Works for me. [RTHF]
  • “There’s another prize out there and this time silver isn’t so bad.” Sounds good to me, Ryan. The official Sabres website has a story up about Miller and the run to the playoffs. Homeboy needs rest. [Sabres]

Well, seeing as I was done with class at 3:00, my weekend has officially started. What does it have in store? Tonight sees the Sabres take on the Ottawa Senators at home at 7:30. A win tonight will clinch the playoffs for the Sabres and everyone can stop holding their breathe and actually realize that this team will be in the playoffs. That’s if we win. Tomorrow night we take on the Tampa Bay Lightning a little over a week after we destroyed them 6-2. The more points the Sabres get, the bigger their divisional lead becomes. This team could easily walk away with 4 points after tomorrow. It’s all a matter of hard work, like I spoke about yesterday.

Weekend Poll: This week’s poll deals with The Man, The Myth, The Miller.

Song of the Weekend: This week’s song comes from Ska gods Reel Big Fish. Aaron Barrett is the coolest human ever. The song is “The Set Up (You Need This)”. And it’s awesome (you should turn up the volume on your computer not only to rock out but because the video is kinda quite).

So good.

Have a funtastic weekend!

Go Sabres!


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