TRW’s Weekly Rewind Re-find: Hey, Look! We’re Winning Again!

It’s baaaaaaaack! The Ruff Writers Weekly Rewind Re-find is back (and better than ever?). For those who can’t remember, here at the RWRF (Rewind Re-find) we (and by we, I mean I) rewind the events of the past week and then re-find some great stories involving the Sabres from this past week. Then, we pull a Boondock Saints and look ahead to the weekend. Oh yeah!

So, let’s rewind!

What happened this past week? Ok, because of the Olympic break I’m going to extend this past week to a few more days. So the Sabres opened last week coming out of the Olympics with two straight losses. The first was to Cindy Crysby and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Continuing our tour of teams that have NHL superstars, the Sabres came home to play against the Capitals. And we lost. But, that’s okay! Apparently, the Sabres are a weekend team.

On Friday the Sabres took on the Philadelphia Flyers and won 3-2. Adam Mair actually did something with his life and got a goal and an assist! Woah! It’s like he’s a professional or something! Congrats Adam, now you have the same goal total as Miroslav Satan, a guy who was picked up on waivers mid-season!

Continuing our weekend of win, the Sabres took on the New York Rangers on Sunday night and won! Brand new hero, Adam Mair, was at it again potting another goal! Last night saw the Sabres continue their win streak with a victory over the struggling Dallas Stars. Tyler Myers had a career night with a goal and three assists.

So, moral of this week’s rewind: We lost a couple times and then won more than a couple times. Hooray, Sabres, we’re winning again.

Now, let’s look at some stories from this past week.

  • Greg Wyshynski over at Puck Daddy on Yahoo! Sports breaks down the race for the Calder trophy. He says that it is between Tyler Myers and Detroit goaltender Jimmy Howard. Somehow, after like three years on and off in the NHL, Howard is still a rookie. Okaaaaay then. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Goose’s Roost thinks this stay is Mark Mancari’s last shot at success in the NHL. I couldn’t agree more. [The Goose’s Roost]
  • Vanity Fair has a great piece on the man, the myth, the Miller. Awesome that NHL is now pimping Miller as well as its other superstars. I mean, it’s Vanity Fair! That’s pretty interesting. It’s a good read, too. [Vanity Fair]
  • Headshots were all the talk of the GMs conference this past week. Wysh takes you on a whirlwind of quotes and facts. Check it out. [Puck Daddy (again)]

Alright, not that we’ve re-found some articles, what does the weekend have in store?

We take on the Minnesota Wild tomorrow night. The Wild have lost 3 straight and currently sit 4th in the northwest division. Yikes. A hot Sabres team should be able to have their way with this struggling team. Saturday night sees the Sabres take on the Detroit Red Wings who are 1 point out of a playoff spot as of right now. Hopefully the Sabres can keep it that way.

Weekend Poll: The poll for this weekend deals with the push through the playoffs. Vote it up!

Quote of the Week: This week’s quote from my good friend Jake Bradley. It is a response to a Tyler Myers comparison:

“ refers to Tyler Myers as a mix between a mastodon and a pixie. I mean he’s amazing and all, but a mastadixie?”

There ya go.

Song of the Weekend: Finally, I leave you with a song for this weekend. This weekend’s song is doozy by a Swedish band called The Hives. Enjoy!

Great, upbeat song!

I won’t be around at all next week because my a capella group is going on tour! Woo! So, uh, deal with it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Until next time…

Go Sabres!


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