Where to Watch on Deadline Day (‘Cuz Ya Know I Can’t Always Hold Your Hand)

It’s that time of year again! We’re in the heart of American Idol season, the Olympics are over and Bill Guerin is sweatin’ bullets wondering where he’ll be at the end of the day. All this can only mean one thing: TRADE DEADLINE DAY!

For those of you fans out there are that are casual hockey fans, many associate Trade Deadline day with the equivalent to Hockey Christmas (I know I do). It’s the day where teams ditch guys in contract years that may need a “change of scenery”. It’s the day where players on crappy teams that are in contract years get dished to teams that are trying to make a push for the playoffs. It’s the day where the Sabres pass Ales Kotalik off to Edmonton and everyone freaks out because they think we’ll never win another shootout. It’s that day.

It’s also the day where two unknown prospects and a couple of draft picks get swapped between teams almost just for the hell of it. It’s also that day.

Unfortunately, due to a thing called “classes” I will be unable to keep you posted throughout the day. There are, however, a few great places that you can check all day to get up-to-date trade news. These are the places that I will be watching so you KNOW they have to be good. Maybe you can be as awesome as me, too.

Here are some good places to stay updated:

TSN/ NHL Network: Due to it’s awesomeness, TSN is running what it calls “Trade Centre” (silly Canadians and their “re”) all day. Basically, Trade Centre is everything you dreamed of and more. Trade Centre has been around for a few years so TSN really has it together when it comes to deadline deals. Expect breaking news, interviews, “expert” analysis (Matthew Barnaby and expert aren’t exactly two words I would put together), lame jokes and everything in between. Oh, and the great thing about Trade Centre this year is that it has been picked up by the NHL network so now we here in America can watch it too. Yay!

Addicted to Twitter? Boy have I got a surprise for you! Arguably the best source to follow for trades and free agency is TSN’s Bob McKenzie. He can be followed here: @TSNBobMcKenzie. Bob McKenzie is constantly keeping everyone updated on trades and is always the first to break news. If you’re smart, you’ll follow him. Hell, I would even create a Twitter just to follow him. He’s that good.

The Goose’s Roost is running a live mega-blog all day with all of the best bloggers from Buffalo. I’ll pitch in the occasional banter as well under the name Andrew Meyer (TRW).  (UPDATE: I’ve actually been added to the group of bloggers pitching in so my comments will now be in bold. Awesome!) Bloggers include: 3rd Man In, (TRW Approved) The Willful Caboose, 2 Minutes for Roughing, The Goose’s Roost and more! This live blog is going to have it all!

Puck Daddy on Yahoo! Sports is doing what Wysh refers to as a “Live Chatterbox“. Not exactly a live chat but more of a massive Twitter dumping grounds with nearly 20 different Twitter feeds being placed into one CoverItLive event. Expect chatter from Greg Wyshynski, Sean Leahy and Down Goes Brown. Hilarity will ensue? They’re also running a live blog with numerous trade updates, hour by hour.

And of course check back here to The Ruff Writers (I most just wanted to put my name in bold) for the occasional updates and likely analysis. Just sayin’, don’t forget about the little people now.

See you throughout the day. Happy Trading!


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