The Olympics? More like International Goalie Showcase! And Other Random Notes on the Olympics…

But seriously, between Ryan Miller (USA), Jonas Hiller (SUI) and the Canadian goalie controversy these Olympics have been all about the goalies.

I’m currently watching the Swiss play Belarus and can’t help notice how important the goalies really are. Hiller gave up a meaty rebound and the Belorussians were on top of  it faster than Jeremy Roenick when he sees a TV camera.

As it stands right now, the USA plays whoever wins this game between Belarus and Switzerland. For the sake of ease, I hope Belarus wins. Team USA is much better off having to play against Belarus’ mediocre defense than a team like the Swiss who have Jonas Hiller.

Not that it really matters though.  Because we have on thing that no other team has: The Man, The Myth, The Miller. Go ahead Canada, you can have your Marty Broduer and Roberto Luongo.  But Andy, Why don’t you want Roberto Luongo? Isn’t he the man? Well, yeah. He’s good but not for Team USA. Miller is the perfect goalie for Team USA. He can handle a heavy workload and can carry a team, even if they are full of unproven youngsters. Plus, Miller can do all this.

Y! Sports did a whole post about the goalie controversy in Canada now that Robby Luongo is taking the reigns. You should read it. Now. NOW.

But alas, I’m watching the end of the Belarus game and its time for the shootout so I will see all you TRW fans around Thursday/ Friday for the Weekly Rewind Re-find.

Go USA tomorrow!

Until next time…


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