TRW’s Weekly Rewind Re-find: We suck.

Hey there, Hi There, Ho There! Why the overzealousness, you ask? Because it’s Thursday! And being in college, Thursday marks the start of my weekend. So thus I have decided to provide you, the loving fans, with what I shall call (cue introductory music) TRW’s Weekly Rewind Re-find. I named it such because I’m going to rewind the events of the past week and re-find some articles from other blogs/ media outlets that help pull together the thoughts of the week. See what I did there. I’m clever. I’m gonna rewind and re-find. That’s why they pay me the big bucks.

Seven years of college down the drain.

That will be part one. In part two I will provide so much foreshadowing it would make Quentin Tarantino cry. To translate that to english, Ima look forward to the events of the weekend.

Away we go…

So, what the hell happened this week? Well, we lost. A lot. And it sucked. A lot. The Sabres decided to lose to Carolina on Friday, Columbus on Saturday and then Boston on Tuesday. Not cool, man. Not cool at all. We’ve now lost 5 games in a row and have only won 2 of our last 11. Awesome. Ottawa has official caught us in the race for the Northeast but luckily we have 2 games at hand. With only two games left before the Olympic break, something needs to be done.

Other notable things that happened were: Tyler Myers took a puck to his gargantuan neck, Adam Mair attempted to do something with his life and fought Milan Lucic, Daniel Paille decided to show up for the first time all year, Drew Stafford scored some goals and we got shutout by a team that just fired their head coach. What a great week.

That’s the week in rewind for ya. Now let’s re-find some stuff.

  • Over at the Willful Caboose, Katebits had a very simlar reaction to the Bruins game as myself. And by very similar I mean that she wrote some letters, just like me. As always, teh giggles ensued. [The Willful Caboose]
  • My favorite Sabres writer for the Buffalo News, Mike Harrington, snagged a great interview with the man, the myth, the Miller and chatted him up about the Olympics and the slump. Funny to hear him open with saying the Colts lost. Always a great interview. [Sabres Edge]
  • Honk If You Love Justice asked it’s fans what the best hockey movie of all time was. Not surprised that it was Slapshot with Miracle in a close second. I wonder if this little guy had anything to do with it… [HIYLJ]
  • Tamara from The Coldfallo Train was… er… unlucky enough to travel to Columbus to see the Sabres travesty Game. Seems like quite the trip. [The Coldfallo Train]
  • Finally, a killer read (as always) by guys over at Die By the Blade about what the Sabres need to do at the trade deadline. I refuse to pick up Owen Nolan unless every goal he scores is this. Other interesting names include Buffalo’s own Lee Stempniak, Steve Ott and even Fernando Pisani. You must read it. Now. [DBTB]

There ya go. Those are some good reads for ya.

Now, we look foward to the weekend. What do we have this weekend?

Tonight the Sabres faceoff against the Carolina Hurricanes for the second time in seven days. Saturday the San Jose Sharks travel to Buffalo as the Sabres try to avenge their loss from three weeks ago. Both games are on at 7:00.

We have to come out of this weekend with 4 points. That means two wins (for those who aren’t so good with math). A win against the ‘Canes shouldn’t be too hard despite their recent surge but I’m more worried about the Sharks. We need to get back on track before the Olympic break (which is a whole other bag of tricks) and this weekend will decide that.

Weekend Poll: This weekend’s poll deals with where the Sabres need the most help from trades. Vote away!

Song of the Weekend: As some of you may know, I’m really really really really really into music. If I ever find a girl that can tell me who her favorite player in NHL 94 is AND what her favorite guitar is, I will marry her. On the spot. So thus, I bring you the song of the weekend. Sometimes I will connect this song to the Sabres and sometimes it will just be a good song that has been on mind. This week’s deals with the latter. I’ve had this song stuck in my head for like two weeks. This week’s song is:

Some Postman by The Presidents of the United States of America. An all around catchy song that totally gets ya grooving, this song has been in my head for what seems like forever. I love. And you should too. Have a listen:

I love this band. So 90s.

Have a great weekend guys, I’ll be back soon.

Go Sabres!

Until next time…


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