Oh, what up blog? Sorry I’ve been gone… Have some news.

So, uh, it’s been a bit since my last post. My bad, it’s tough to post while I’m on break. Sleeping in until 3’00 in the afternoon makes it kinda difficult. Anyway, here’s some news.

Let’s see… where to begin. Well, the Sabres have gone 3-0-0 in their last three games. Their last win was an impressive 1-0 victory over the Montreal Canadiens. Sometimes I’m more impressed when a team can win 1-0 than a 13-2 blowout. This win was especially impressive because we got our only goal in the beginning of the second period and were able to hold on to win. The come from behind victory over the Atlanta Thrashers the game before was nice too. The Sabres came from being down 3-0 to score 4 unanswered (including an overtime goal by Derek Roy) and take home the 2 points. Jochen Hecht also scored two goals, proving he isn’t totally worthless (though he kinda is) on a night that saw Tyler Myers pick up yet another clutch assist.

In other news, the greatest goalie to ever walk the face of the earth/Buffalo (no, not Arturs Irbe), Ryan Miller was named as the starting goaltender for Team USA for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Naysayers, nay say no more! Sure Timmy Thomas won the Vezina (for some reason not known by normal mortals) last year, and yes Jonathan Quick is developing into quite the young netminder, and of course Craig Anderson is playing well this season (that one’s for you Sibbitts) but none of those goalies can even come close to Ryan “Millsy Willsy” Miller. He’s pretty much the most awesomest thing ever forever. Coupled with all-star GM Brian Burke, Team Underdog (also known as Team USA) is gonna take the gold! Or at least die trying.

In more current news, the Sabres have announced that they have placed Nathan Paetsch on Waivers. According to the team’s website, Paetsch has been a healthy scratch for 31 games this season. Also, he has been playing left wing when he is predominantly a defenseman. He has one point this season which was a goal that he scored against Toronto. To be honest, I don’t really care what happens with Nathan. He wants to stay and work his way into a full time spot but I don’t see that happening in the near future. He has been active on the Sabres roster for 5 years starting in 05-06 season. He has played a total of  156 games for the Sabres amassing a total of 7 goals and 34 assists for 41 points. And he’s a puck moving, offense oriented D-Man. Those are pretty week numbers for a player of his kind. I feel for the guy because he could probably prosper somewhere else. I think his time in Buffalo has come to an end. He’s done what he could for us and we did what we could for him. If he does leave, I wish him the best of luck. If he stays, I feel bad for both parties and wish us the best of luck.

Well, that’s really it for now. I’m back and better than ever. This break has me rejuvenated and ready for some posting. I’ll be back at school on the 24th so you be sure to look out for more posts then because I’ll most likely be looking for anything to distract me from my work.

See you tomorrow for a game preview.

If you’re looking to catch some good hockey tonight, the USA Men’s U20 team faces off against Canada in the gold medal game of the World Junior Hockey Championships. The only Sabres prospect playing in the tournament is Canada’s Luke Adam. He’s been working his ass off all tournament so look for him tonight. He play’s like Gaustad if Goose actually had raw talent. Look for him to be grinding real hard tonight against a blue collar Team USA. Canada hasn’t won anything but gold in the tournament for 5 straight years. Let’s hope TEAM USA can change that.

Until next time.


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