Sabres vs. Capitals: Period 2

Ok. So. Period two has come to a close and the score is now 3-2 in favor of the Capitals. Overall a much, much better period by the Buffalo Sabres. Let’s talk about why:

What we’re doing well:

Shots: Our shots drastically improved this period. Roy set Gaustad up with a great pass and the Goose put it away. Steve Montador took a CLEAN shot from the point and it went in. What can I say? I know my stuff. Kinda. But seriously though. The Sabres went from having 4 shots on goal in the first to taking 20 shots on goal in the second. And what do ya know, we came out with goals. I hate to say it (not really) but I told ya so. Ok, aside from this self congratulatory crap, the Sabres have new found energy because they are getting pucks to the. If they can continue to pepper Nuevirth then they will eventually crack two, maybe three more goals.

What we need to improve:

Defense (still): The Sabres D is still struggling to shut down the high energy offense that is the Washington Capitals. Obviously with guys like Ovechkin, Semin, Backstrom and Greene they are going to have scoring chances but the Sabres can easily shut these guys down with some physical play and by thinking about their passes before making them. Miller was solid yet again only allowing one goal on 14 shots on a play that, quite frankly, wasn’t his fault. Granted, Morrison did pull a nifty through the legs shot (a move which isn’t exactly impossible) but Miller was pretty much hung out to dry. The number of high opportunity scoring chances that the Capitals are getting is a bit too much for my taste. The defense needs to lock it  in in the 3rd and shut ’em down. I have faith.

The third period comes down to continuing shots and finding an answer to the Caps offense. If I was Lindy, I would be pretty pissed at the lackluster, flatfooted-ness of the Sabres backcheck. We need to shut them down to guarantee a win. I really want to win in regualtion too. Make it happen boys.

See you after the game!

Go Sabres!


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