If The Glove Don’t Fit…

…it probably doesn’t belong to Ryan Miller. Because his glove fits. Quite well actually. How do I know this? Well, see for yourself:

(Click on this link to see video. WordPress doesn’t support <iframe> embedding so no NHL video embedding either. Sorry.)


EPIC. That save was nuts. It was akin to the old, playoff days of Miller when he used to rob everyone. This save is just a microcosm of Miller’s season, though. Ryan Miller has been on top of his game nearly all season. If it weren’t for him the Sabres would not have been close in so many games. His third period play this season has been outstanding and his game stats can easily back that up. Currently he is leading the league in Save Percentage (.933) and Goals Against Average (1.93). He is also top five in shutouts and wins. But, ya know, he isn’t a lock for Team USA.


Hooray for MS Paint

Will Ryan Miller be the goalie for Team USA? He damn well better be.

If Miller can continue his outstanding play, a factor that majorly hinges on the amount of rest he can get (We’re looking at you Lalame. And yes we are staring. In a disapproving manner.), the Sabres will easily be contenders for the rest of the season. Miller’s stamina and fatigue can, however, be greatly affected by an aforementioned idea: the Olympics. While a good majority of the league’s goalies are resting, Miller will be working his ass off for a young, “Dark Horse” team that will need as much defense as it can get. He should be fine with that though, Team USA seems to be exactly what the Sabres are, young and Dark Horse-y (?).

The Sabres tend to rally around Miller and it seems that the better he plays the more energized we get. In my opinion, Miller’s multiple amazing saves helped spark the Sabres to play at higher level and allowed them to really turn it on in the third period. As we alwys love to see, Miller was there to save the day. Let’s hope he can keep it up.

So, yeah, Miller’s glove seems to be fitting just fine.


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