Quick Game Preview (And I Mean REALLY Quick): Buffalo Sabres vs. Boston Bruins

Hey kids, short preview tonight due to the fact that I am doing some traveling and don’t really have time (plus it’s Friday and it’s just one of those days). So, um, here we go:

This evening the Boston Bruins (9-8-4) travel to Buffalo to go head to head with the Sabres (12-5-1).

Boston is fresh off of a 4-3 win last night over the Atlanta Thrashers. Michael Ryder potted 2 goals for his fifth and sixth goals of the season. Marco Sturm also scored early in the game. Boston won in the shootout with Patrice Bergeron getting the only goal. Watch for Boston to carry momentum into tonights game.

The Sabres, however, are a completely different story. Buffalo stayed in it the entire game but it got a little rough towards the end. Like really rough. Like 4 Panther’s goals in the 3rd period rough. Three of them were unanswered. It was disgusting. Three goals in two minutes by Florida is just unnacceptable. I can understand an empty netter but having Dominic Moore score that final goal (it was his first of the year, by the way) is just not right. IT WAS FLORIDA FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Lindy probably isn’t too ecstatic about this loss and no doubt the Sabres got chewed out (even if “new Lindy” is softer)

This should be a grind as it always is between these two teams. Boston will try to pepper the net, Buffalo will try to stay physical. Blah blah blah, we know the story. It should also be a goalie duel between Timmy Thomas and the man, the myth, the Miller, Ryan Miller. We’ll see, Boston had Buffalo’s number last time but this young team likes to seek revenge.

Goalies are Ryan Miller and Tim Thomas. This is possible foreshadowing of the two top team USA goalie prospects, so watch out for these two to be on top of their games.

Game is at 7:30 and is on MSG.

See you tomorrow for a real game preview of tomorrow night’s game.

Go Sabres!


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