Game Preview: Buffalo Sabres vs. Philadelphia Flyers

The Sabres (11-4-1) are coming off a 2-1 Shoot out victory over the Calgary Flames yesterday night. And as for the Flyers (10-4-1) came off from a 5-1 over the Ottawa Senators on thursday night. These two teams come together to battle in the thunderdome, not really but the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia.

Both Teams are coming of previous wins and both teams want to continue their streak. Currently the Flyers are taking names and numbers because of their 5 game win-streak.

Who’s Hot:

On the Sabres side of things:

Jason Pominville will be my vote for this game today. He saved us in the shootout against the Flames when he “froze up”  Miikka Kipursoff. He has had a better start off to this season and I believe he can keep wearing that little A on his shoulder.

Ryan Miller has been our heart of the team. Miller leads the NHL with a 1.75 goals-against average and also leads with a .940 save percentage.

For the Broad Street Bullies (Flyers):

Ray Emery-

Sabres fan seem to like Ray Emery Alot!! He has been hot this season. At first he had a slow start he now has a 2.18 goals against average and a .924 save percentage. The flyers team is defiantly backing up Ray Emery.

Who’s Not:

Sabres- The Hecht-Kennedy-Grier Line. I was hoping for Kennedy to blossom with these 2 veterans but this third line needs to step it up this game against the Flyers

Flyers-Daniel Carcillo has had a slow start this season with only racking up 3 points. He’s a grinder that can find the net which is a bonus for this team but he just hasn’t been able to find his way.


Again the Sabres are gonna have to measure up to the Flyers who have that 5 game win streak. This is gonna be a great game to watch tonight.

7:00 P.M. MSG-HD


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