Even More Waiver Wire Wackiness: Sabres keep Mair.

After clearing waivers, the Sabres have decided to keep Adam Mair. Dick move, Lindy, dick move. You just don’t do that to a guy. Not cool. Even if I don’t agree with the decision from a management level it’s also not good from a personal level.

Here is what I think the conversation looked like:


Lindy: “Ok, so we’re putting Mair on waivers, correct?”

Darcy: “Yep.”

Lindy: “Ok, so he’s likely outta here?”

Darcy: “Yep.”

Lindy: “So we’re gonna put him through the emotional anguish of not knowing whether or not he’ll be on an NHL team?”

Darcy: “Yep.”

Lindy: “Ok. Well, let’s see if he clears Waivers and then we’ll talk.”


Lindy: “Well Adam, it looks like you cleared Waivers.”

Mair: “So, uh, this is it?”

Lindy: “Pretty much I guess.”

Mair: “So I’ve gotta readjust to a completely new team, town, coach and system?”

Lindy: “No.”

Mair “Huh?”

Lindy: “Surprise! You’re staying! Have fun riding the pine!”

Mair “This blows man…”

Sorry Adam, looks like you’re stuck here. Oh, I mean I’m sorry that you’re stuck here. I don’t have much use for Mair these days. Oh well, god forbid we do anything around here. I promise later that I will publicly eat my words if Mair does ANYTHING of note this season.

Game preview tomorrow.


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