More Waiver Wire Wackiness: Drew Miller Placed on Waivers by Tampa

Today Bob Mckenzie tweeted that Drew Miller of The Tampa Bay Lightening was being placed on waivers. Drew is a semi-hardworking little fella who has only spent 3 seasons in the NHL. He’s played a total of 67 games in his career playing 53 of said games with the Anaheim Ducks. He has a whopping 3 career goals and 9 career assists. None of those points came this year.

But none of that matters. Like at all.

I want him. I REALLY want him.


BECAUSE HE IS RYAN MILLER’S LITTLE BROTHER. How awesome would that be? We could have both of the Millers! Maybe they could combine forces and Drew would be a¬†ridiculous goal scorer under the guidance of his big bro!

Or maybe we would have wasted roster space on a somewhat underachieving left winger who really has no place on the Sabres roster (a roster that has plenty of depth at left wing with a couple of guys named Gerbe and Ennis waiting in the wings).

A guy can dream though…

In all seriousness though, Drew will probably end up on a team that needs him and needs depth at left wing. Lowly teams like Carolina or St. Louis might grab him as a means to shake up their rosters. He has potential and is still pretty young at age 25. He needs to step up or step out soon, though.

Either way, the Sabres will likely not touch him. But it would be nice.


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