Quick News Comin Atcha!: Adam Mair to Waivers

Today the Sabres put Adam Mair on waivers. And it’s about friggin time. Yeeeesh. He’s good. Really, he is, but he’s just not cutting it in the 716 anymore. He needs a change of scenery and we don’t need him. He’s been nonexistent this season. He’s played in three games amassing a whopping 0 goals and 0 assists for, you guessed it, 0 points. He’s also a minus 1 but that doesn’t really matter.

He started the season coming off of knee surgery but there is really no need for him. Other than the past two games, the Sabres look good. Good in an awkward-fast-physical-sudo-Calgary-Flames-but-not-as-odd-but-younger-but-not-young-and-inexperienced-but-experienced kinda way. Or something like that. Unfortunately for Mair, he doesn’t fit in to the jumble of weird that is the Sabres offensive machine this year.

Best of luck to Mair in the future. He’s a good guy, a solid but dirty enforcer and has crazy work ethic. He’s a rich man’s Matt Ellis. Except without that whole “goal scoring” thing.

See ya round Adam… Or not. One of those two.


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