Game Preview: Sabres vs. Islanders

Tonight the red hot Islanders (5-4-5) travel to Buffalo to take on the luke warm Sabres (8-2-1).

The Islanders are coming off of a 3-1 win over the Edmonton Oilers. Brandon Witt netted two goals in a game that also saw John Tavares score his fifth of the season.

The Sabres last game was against their foes of tonight. The Islanders routed the Sabres 5-0. No one looked good for the Sabres. It was a sad start to (an otherwise fun) Halloween.

Lets take a look at who’s who for each team tonight.

Who’s Hot:


Jason Pominiville: Pommer has been quietly having a decent. He was a bright spot (if that’s possible) against the Islanders last game. He peppered the net with 8 shots. This shows that he can penetrate the Islander’s D and get shots off. Look for Pommer to try to get one in tonight. He has 3 goals and 6 assists for 9 points which is second on the team in points.


Matt Moulson: Moulson has been collecting points consistantly and currently leads the Islanders in that category. He is also leading the team in goals. And is fourth in assists. He’s doing OK I guess. But really though, watch out for Moulston tonight. He’ll be ready to take on the Sabres flat defense along with linemates John Tavares and Kyle Okposo (watch out for Okposo too).

Who’s Not:


The Entire Defense: WAKE UP DEFENSE. STOP LOOKING SO FLAT FOOTED. IT’S JUST NOT COOL. The defense looked flat against the Leafs and looked atrocious against the Islanders. This is to be expected sometimes because of the young nature of the majority of our defense (Butler, Sekera, Myers) but the older guys (Tallinder) need to off set this with veteran leadership. If the D-Men come out looking poor tonight, there is no way we are winning.


Um, no one, really… The guys who are supposed to be good are playing well.


Biron is in for NY as he always has Buffalo’s number.

Ryan Miller gets the nod after last week’s extravaganza of suck by everyone. Also, Jhonas Enroth is up for the injured Lalime.

Go Sabres! Game is on at 7:00 (now) on MSG


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2 responses to “Game Preview: Sabres vs. Islanders”

  1. Chambers House for Game says :

    Post game chat with AC and Ben Siegel…. Do you think ever in the history of the NHL that the first two games against each other resulted with the home team shutting out the visitor?

  2. Andrew Meyer says :

    I did a bit of research in to this and it most likely has happened before. I say this because it has already happened this season. Three times. Outside of the Sabres and Islanders, The Balckhawks and Predators shut eachother out at home as did the Canucks and Avalanche.

    Other interesting little fact, the Washington Capitals and the New Jersey Devils both have yet to get any shutouts. Just food for thought.

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