Let’s Break It Down: Sabres vs. Lightning – The Quick Edition

Hey kids, the LBID (Let’s Break It Down) segment for Saturday’s game will be shortened this week. Usually we will provide you with full game analysis but it’s just not going to happen today. Sorry. I think you’ll be ok.

Ok, so, first things first. You know how Tyler Myers made Mike Smith look silly? Yeah, that wasn’t the first time the public has seen that move. He did it in training camp on the final day. Let me provide a little preface to this: During the offseason of hockey (some call it “Summer”), I would get ridiculously bored and watch the little clips that the Sabres would put on their website. During training camp they would provide period highlights of certain events (drills, scrimmages, etc.). One such event was the shootout following the championship game. :52 Seconds into this video you will see the exact same move that Myers pulled on Saturday.

Here is the move from Saturday:

Wow. He just gets better and better.

Overall, the Sabres played alright on Saturday. They really should have dominated the Lightning though. On paper, the game was pretty evenly matched. They scored in the first period then we scored in the second period and both teams scored in the third.

The Sabres had a total of 32 shots while Tampa had 26. Both teams played pretty evenly and it didn’t look to me like one team dominated in regulation. Stamkos (remember that Fun Fact! about his first career goal) seems to have a knack for scoring against Buffalo. Tampa , however, has a knack for sucking and they certainly didn’t do that. The Sabres dominated overtime but failed to convert on a goal. It seems the finish just wasn’t there.

Thanks to the heroics of an unlikely hero (just like every good movie) the Sabres were somehow able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Oh yeah, and a tying goal by Drew Stafford with 10 seconds left didn’t hurt either.

Until next game…


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