The Ruff Writers: Course Syllabus

Welcome to Buffalo Sabres 101, kids! Here in this oh-so-lovely course syllabus (who doesn’t love that word) we will break down future plans for this blog.

Game Previews: We plan to preview every game on the day of the game. Analysis similar to last game preview will occur. We’ll break down who is hot and not, who the starting goalies are, how well each team has played as of late and other such things.

(In) Game Recaps: We’ll try to provide in game recaps similar to the first period break down John provided the other day. If this is not possible, then we will at least provide a full game recap the following day (except last game, oops). This section will be entitled “Let’s Break It Down”.

Player Analysis: Occasionally, we will try to bring you player analysis. If a player is doing something particularly special (like scoring a lot or something, I guess), we will provide a breakdown of whatever it is he is doing.

NHL talk: Sometimes we’ll talk about the other teams that exist. Like those guys in toronto. This will usually be linked back to the Sabres, though. There is no need to get in depth about other teams if it really doesn’t touch the Sabres. We will also try to breakdown the ever-changing always exciting Northeast Division. Because who doesn’t love the good old Northeast?

But wait, there’s more!: It’s our blog. We’ll write whatever the hell we want. You’ll deal with it. You’ll like it too. Because we said so. And don’t even try to stop us.

So, uh, no texting in class, don’t be late and no shenanigans.


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