Breaking Down the Paille Trade

As many heard yesterday, Daniel Paille was traded to the Boston Bruins for a third round pick and a conditional draft pick. This is a pretty average return for a pretty average player on a very average trade. As much as I loved Paille, he was continually underwhelming in his career as a Sabre.

Paille was a member of the roster on and off for the past 5 seasons (starting in 2005-06). His career numbers include 35 goals and 42 assists for a total of 77 points. His best year was clearly the 2007-08 season where he played in 77 games and amassed  a total of 35 points (19 goals, 16 assists). It was around this point in his career that the organization hope he would continue this steady incline in offensive play.

However, such was not the case. In 2008-09 he had 12 goals, 15 assists for 27 points. During last season he was pretty much invisible. He did not make much impact on a team full of underwhelming players (See: Roy, Derrick and Pominville, Jason). Lindy spoke on numerous occasions about young guys stepping up and playing with more maturity and Paille was one of these players.

At the onset of this season, Paille was already in the doghouse. Lindy and the organization felt his effort in training camp was lackluster and his play this season perfectly complimented their feelings. He might as well have called the Bruins himself and told them he was coming. He only played in two out of the six games this season and got an assist (woo!).

A third round pick is a pretty decent pick up for the Sabres. After all, NHL standout and superstar powerhouse of awesome Keith Gretzky (did he have a brother?) was drafted in the third round of the 1985 draft. So hopefully next year when we use this lovely pick, we can get someone as illustrious as 1997 third round draft pick Jeff Martin (drafted the same year as some Maxim guy). But on a more serious note, both Clarke MacArthur and Andrej Sekera were third round picks and so far they are working pretty well for the Sabres.

Only time will tell though.


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