The Ruff Writer Biographies: John J. Wild

Hello world, My name is John Joseph Wild and currently I am 18 years old and I attend State University of New York Environmental Science and Forestry (Syracuse). I live in Buffalo for all of my live and have been an avid fan of the Buffalo Sabres since I was a wee lil’ toddler. Also I have played hockey since i was 5 years old and currently play roller hockey for Syracuse University. My Father and my 2 brothers exposed me to the sabres each hockey season and made me root for the Inconsistent Sabres. Even though the Sabres haven’t  won a stanley cup (even though when they played the Dallas Stars and Brett Hull cheated us with his “no goal” in 1999), I still put alot of hope into the team.

Andy recently mentioned about starting this blog and I was very intrigued by the thought. So now here I am to clamor and joke about the season. Lets go Buffalo!


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